About Tidewater Charters

Growing up on a State wildlife preserve in the Missouri Ozarks, helping manage and relocate game, the outdoors have always been a passion for Tidewater Charters' owner Reginald Krkovich. Retired from the U.S. Army, he has been chartering and commercial fishing in Alaska since the 1980's.

Tidewater Charters is located in Yakutat Alaska, a small isolated wilderness town along the Alaskan Coast with unique beauty and breathtaking scenery. The waters around Yakutat host some of the most fertile fishing grounds on earth for a variety of species.

Alaska Airlines provides daily flights to this remote wilderness aboard a Boing 737 which stops in Yakutat both directions between the international cities of Seattle and Anchorage. The town of Yakutat has a variety of lodging options, restaurants, and additional adventure opportunities including river fishing and sight seeing.

The salt water fishing in Yakutat Bay is world class, the ocean waters are abundant with fish and a paradise for sport fishing. Tidewater Charters has a track record of bringing in the fish and providing visitors an adventure of a lifetime.

The wild fish harvested from Yakutat's pristine waters are a healthy and delicious food source. Local processing, packaging and shipping options for your catch are available.

To book a day fishing with Tidewater Charters, please call (907)-784-3650 or email TidewaterCharters@yakutatfishing.com to make arrangements